Öryggisprófanir Mountain Buggy

Hönnunin og tækni Mountain Buggy er í stanslausri þróun og ástríðan fyrir að framleiða hágæða vörur hefur leitt til vals á hágæða hráefni, nýsköpun í hugsun og verklagi og öflugum öryggisprófunum sem þurfa að standast allar alþjóðlegar öryggisreglur og kröfur. Þeir heita því að veita viðskiptavinum vörur sem hægt er að treysta á í mörg ár.


"We are proud of our proven track record and perform vigorous testing to guarantee our precision engineering, tough frame structure and identify the most durable materials available.
Our testing programme includes all mandatory safety standards as well as many of our own tests, including:"

diamond quality icon

high quality material selection

examples include:

  • High Quality Nylon 6 (PA6)
  • Steel blind rivets
irregular surface icon

irregular surface test

This is a European standard that calls for a stroller to be put on a testing surface with 4 obstacles per cycle totaling 288,000 obstacles. Mountain Buggy does this test for a longer period of time totaling 400,000 obstacles. 

stairs icon

stair ascent

We have developed a rigorous test to prove the strength and durability of the frame and handle adjusters on our strollers. This involves repeatedly dragging a fully loaded stroller backwards up a set of 4 stairs.

handle icon

handle strength test

We attach a 33 lb weight to the handle of the stroller to ensure that the gears on the adjustable handle are durable enough to handle the most stressful of loads.



climatic icon

climatic testing

To prove Mountain Buggies can handle anything, we test plastic components of our strollers in temperatures ranging from 140°F to -4°F. This ensures that these components will not deform under extreme conditions.

engineering icon

innovative engineering processes

examples include:

  • CNC controlled mandrel bending
  • modular, socketed construction
tyre testing icon

tyre testing

We put our tires through rigorous testing to ensure proper wear and resistance. The tires are put on a tread that is similar to a belt sander to accentuate wear and tear, we want to ensure that the tires wear evenly.

simulator icon

transport simulator test

Our product and packaging under goes a series of drop tests to simulate knocks and bumps during shipping during normal use. We drop our strollers on concrete floors from varying heights to ensure the products functionality remains in tact.

kerb icon

Kerb mount test

This test is a European testing standard that is used to determine the complete structure stiffness of the stroller while mounting a kerb or stair step. We simulate climbing and descending a kerb 3000 times with a full load in the stroller.